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Event, photography, and bridal makeup while spending days in the studio treating skin issues is seriously the best of both worlds! What really changed things for me was  meeting my in-laws and being introduced to Korean skincare. It's a holistic approach treating not only the skin but also internal to care of the largest living organ of the body. 

My goal is to help my clients feel relaxed and more important thought of and considered before each visit. I want clients to feel educated and confident in their skin journey and know that I'm there to help along the way.

- Tiffany

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It's been approximately 13 years since I jumped into this ever evolving industry. With over a decade of experience I have grown a passion to serve clients needs. 

I would love to share all the skin care knowledge and help you reach your skin goals. My appointments are heavy on listening to solve the issue with a  sprinkle of catching up on life. You may leave your appointment and think, "did we just become friends? - Brennan Huff

- Amber

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