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I’m sure you’ve seen them advertised on almost every social media platform or Google heard you talking about it and now you’re seeing ads. Welp! Let’s chat about why I personally LOVE LED. 

In the treatment room I use a panel that can be used for either anti-aging, acne, and pain. Yes, I said pain. LED is so amazing and is able to treat many areas of the body! 

LightStim LED acne specific devices has a combination of red and blue lights to treat the root cause. Blue is used to destroy acne causing bacteria. Red light improves blood flow and delivers oxygen to the follicle for healing and repair, reduces inflammation and decreases sebaceous activity. 

Red light for anti-aging is just as effective and mind blowing! Not only at reducing inflammation but increasing collagen and growth factors. This is what helps reduce fine lines and when used under the eyes, help with discoloration. Omnilux mini devices are ideal to treat not just under the eyes but smile lines, crows feet, and those pesky number 11’s between the brows. 

Here’s the best part. Sometimes active ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid can get a little spicy so it’s best to pull back active ingredients and support the skin barrier. LED is a great way to treat a skin issue without worrying about sensitivity. 

This is why I chose to have LightStim Acne LED devices and Omnilux under eye mini devices on hand for sale at the studio. I hope you’re just as excited as I am to take one of these home and start seeing results!! 

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