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You’ve probably heard the term “healthy barrier” but maybe you’re unsure what that actually means and how to accomplish it. 

Have you ever used a product hoping that was the answer for your skin concern but instead felt a little spicy after you applied it or turned a little pink and thought, “welp that wasn’t the right product for me”. That may be true but there is also a chance that your barrier wasn’t ready for that product. 

When a healthy barrier is intact your skin will be hydrated, heal quicker from a pesky breakout and be less reactive to more potent ingredients. 

The question now is, how do I get to a healthier barrier? 

  1. Daily use of a custom routine tailored to your skin type and skin issues. 

  2. Make it a daily goal to be a good water drinker. 

  3. Reapply SPF in every season 365 days a year. 

Recently the Reboot + Maintain facial was added to the menu for the gal looking for relief from dry, dull, or struggling skin. When we added this facial to the menu we thought of every person looking for a starting point frustrated with a vanity full products or a google search history of ‘best skincare for (insert concern)’. 

OK, I’m 38 years old and I still call my mom with random questions and she always says, “why wonder when you can google?”. Well when it comes to skincare I say, “Why google when you can schedule a facial and build a custom routine?” 

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