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facials, makeup, and brow + lash services

It's circa 1999 and a young Tiffany is at the drug store looking for her shade in a Covergirl pressed powder. Google is not yet available at her fingertips to quick search undertones. Only her Teen Vogue knowledge will do and the wrong shade is purchased. This may have been the moment that sparked her curiosity for the beauty industry to specialize in bridal makeup and skin services.

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facials, waxing, and brow + lash services

It's been approximately 13 years since I jumped into this ever evolving industry. With over a decade of experience as a brow expert, working with dozens of skin care lines in retail, and becoming a medical aesthetician I have become passion to serve clients needs. Appointments are heavy on listening to solve the issue with a sprinkle of catching up on life.You may leave your appointment thinking, "did we just become friends?" - Brennan Huff

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